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Exercise 90% of your

One 20 minutes exercise is equal to 2 to 3 exercises in the fitness centre

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Why exactly us

Revolution body is the way how to reach to have a healthy body and to keep it in the best condition with a help of system called EMS (electro- mio- stimulation of muscles). Basically it is a system which connects up more than 90% of groups of muscles with help of impulse in to the motion.

This phenomenon runs through the muscular tissue naturally and the Revolution body equipment this process makes more intensive and the result is a strengthening of muscles, acceleration of metabolism and ligament dilatation (enlarging of veins).

An additional impacts are: better elasticity and firmness of the skin, decline under skin fatness which leads to complex vitality. Revolution body has a large contact without target group.

It is possible to train professional sportsmen and with this approach to improve their accomplishment but also helps to people whom have less training and have a pain of back, shoulders or other postural defects , overweight and shortage of movement. To reach better results it is enough to train 20 minutes twice a week.

  • Would you like to feel fit?
  • Do you have a white collar job?
  • Would you like to have a firm body?
  • Muscles are the basic and the change is within reach!

In our Revolution body we provide you a complex care. We provide you a trainee clothes, a towel and shower after trainee. After 20 minutes you can go back to your work day. By this exercises you will feel a rapid exchange of your physical and psychical conditions.

Our trainee is maximally comfortable, not bothering you any cable, heavy plumb or uncomfortable clothes.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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How it goes by the trainee?

Our professional trainers are preparing your individual trainee program which follows your wishes and expectations. The trainee is targeted and it is individual by parameters and types of burden. It is customized.

Join us! Open your own Revolution body studio. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and conditions of cooperation.



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